Bishop Agyinasare storms North Kaneshie Assemblies of God for #GGC17

For two nights, Favor was the catch word. Two nights of prophetic proclamations it were. And on day 3, the anointing was a sight to behold! You just had to be there rather than be told. Prophet Anthony Oware Appiah, General Overseer of Open Heavens Revival Chapel, known for his ministration that is backed with more grace and the power of God fed the congregation well with the word of God.

The prophet of God let down God's favor on the Church. It was received with faith. Now we are mandated to go, overtake and grab the favor of God. Favor is a divine advantage, pleasant, unfairness of God, Divine influence and acceptance", says Prophet Oware.

Prophecies were so real and true. Sadly, the narrative is changing today. NKAG says goodbye to Prophet Oware Appiah... But guess what,... the latter blessings will even be greater. On Day 4, NKAG welcomes Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare, one of Ghana's finest Christian Ministers, an International Speaker, Author of several books and the founder of Perez Chapel International - a
Pentecostal-Charismatic ministry. For 40 years after establishing the Teshie Praise Assembly, first of his ministry, Bishop Agyin-Asare has ministered across the length and breadth of this country, holding crusades and deliverance services, and travelling across the world preforming miracles with the power and anointing of God on him. I am sure you are developing the zeal to meet this man already. But hey! hold your horses for now.

On Day 4 of #GGG17, Bishop Agyin-Asare will shake the Auditorium with the true, undiluted word of God. It won't end there. By prayer and the word of God from his servant, the sick shall be healed, the possessed shall be set free and the weary and heavy laden shall be given rest. So where would you rather be tonight, if not at North Kaneshie Assemblies of God Church? Why don't you come and lay your burdens on the alter? Why don't you come and have your sickenesses and all other problems taken away by God. It is a Gathering of God's Champions. Join the Champions at North Kaneshie Assemblies of God, and Step into your full recovery. Don't come alone! Bring the along the blind, the bedridden, that man/woman with kidney issues, that sister with problems bigger than she could bear and every burden will be lifted in Jesus name. Just don't come alone! Bring someone along for the hand of God will move and receive your testimonies with them.

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By: Revival Paul Yiadom Boakye
North Kaneshie Assemblies of God.
Accra, Ghana